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Jan.-Feb. 2006
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Tennesse Fainting Goat
Historical & Breed Information
Mini Fainting Goat
Breed Information
Billy The Kidd
(Born 3/22/02)

Billy is a short, heavily muscled buck with a wonderful personality.  Unfortunately, he was disbudded when we got him or his horns would probably be as long as he is.  He stands 19 inches at the withers.  His coat is an unusual deep red, which a few of his kids have picked up.  Most of his kids have been built like little bricks.  Just like dad.


Coyote Creek HALR
Sir Kato (Born 12/14/01)

Kato is a big guy at over 130 pounds.  He's beautifully conformed.  His pedigree has the old HALR line prefix throughout.  His kids are beautifully marked and conformed. To compensate for his long legs, we've paired him with short does and Billy the Kidd daughters.


Pint Size
Something Magic (Born 12/07/04)

"Mac" is the newest addition to the buck pen. This not-so-little guy was bred by Jan Likens of Pint Size Acres.  Mom is Redbud Eight Sheer Magic.  Dad is Grand Champion Shade Tree Acres Something Special.  Mac's pedigree includes Onion Creek Ranch and Coyote Creek HALR.  Mac has bright blue eyes.

Cedar Springs Farm
Boogaloo (Born 2/15/04)
Mom is Rockin R Farm HALR Image, from Coyote Creek HALR lines. Dad was Willie, by Presswood's Billy the Kidd out of CSF Jezebel. At 19 inches at the withers, this guy looks like he's going to be a chip off the old block and grand-block. We believe Boogaloo displays the best of both sides of his pedigree. We're planning to breed him next season and are looking forward to his first kids.
Cedar Springs Farm
Doc Holliday
(Born 12/13/04)

Doc is a Billy the Kidd son, out of our blue-eyed foundation doe, Domino.  He has brown eyes and flashy markings.  Doc is quite small - 18.5 inches at the withers, well conformed and very stiff. This didn't stop him from crawling under a hot electric fence and introducing himself to a couple does last Fall. The results of this are expected in March.  We can't wait.

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